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June 11-13, 2017
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Video from the Governors panel at icoo2016

Opioids: The New Normal
The future of opioid prescription 

    Opioids are effective tools when used properly in the management of pain. They are cost effective and allow increased numbers of patients to return to active productive lives in society. Yet, while opioids have been with us for over 4000 years, the landscape of opioid therapies is rapidly evolving. Federal and state regulations are swiftly changing to address the current opioid epidemic. New formulations and treatment options are emerging that may reduce risk to patients. Education is key to staying current and maximizing the effectiveness of opioids in clinical practice.

   Join us at the 2016 International Conference on Opioids (ICOO|2016) as we explore challenges in the clinical application of opioids. Learn the latest research and solutions aimed at improving outcomes and reducing risk to your patients and your practice. Click here to see pictures from ICOO2015.

   We have assembled the best and brightest minds in opioid analgesics who will share the latest research and real world knowledge in the evolving paradigm of opioids in medicine.

Among the many topic areas covered at ICOO 2016:
  • Pharmacologic innovations: new molecules and enhanced delivery systems
  • Best practices in opioid prescription
  • Risk reduction for your patients and your practice
  • Detecting Abuse, Diversion and Addiction
  • The latest in opioid management including dosing and opioid rotation
  • Latest abuse deterrent opioid formulations and their applications
  • Use of opioids in chronic non-cancer patients as well as cancer survivors
  • Learn about exciting developments in opioid neurology and pharmacogenetics
  • Gain an understanding of the newest methodologies for delivery of opioids
  • Participate in constructive panel discussions and case studies with leaders in opioid management
  • Take advantage of meeting leaders and networking with colleagues
  • Federal policies to reduce opioid associated harm and much more!

Join us in Boston, June 5-7, 2016 

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Why should you attend?

For centuries opioids have cycled in and out of favor in the healing pharmacopoeia as societies have struggled to find a balance in use of these powerful medications that supports their valuable role in healing while avoiding harm. 
    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, however, as the clinical use of opioids has risen over the past two decades, opioid-associated harm has risen in parallel.  Researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers are all intensively working to address this challenges.  Working together, can we finally find means in the early twenty-first century to use opioids for healing without harm?  

This intensive 2+ day program led by renowned specialists is designed to inform primary care physicians,
pain specialists, pharmacists and others with an interest in applied opioid pharmacology
and the public health with new data and essential information in the best practices,
abuses and legal ramifications of opioids.

The conference features a full schedule of topics and speakers
who will address all aspects of the medical use of opioids.

Register today and be an active participant in the future of opioids!

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